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SENSOGRAMA is a cultural colective located in Spain and the Netherlands that works as an audiovisual producer and events promotor . It fosters international networking and among its members there are musicians and artists in general, engineers, producers, editors and camera operators, djs, vjs, etc, all of them professionals with wide experience in their areas.





SENSOGRAMA works as an audiovisual producer and nowadays it's focused on NEW WAVE OVER EUROPE, an ambitious documentary that travels to the European history of the 80's through their music. The last work is 'Aeroevasiones', in collaboration with RTVE, that was awarded with the Ars Perpetuum  C.P.M. 2014 festival (Belarus) and the Mençao Honrosa at Pampifitas 2014 (Portugal). It was also selected at MiradasDoc 2013 (Spain), Contra el silencio Todas las voces 2014 (Mexico), Libercine 2014 (Argentina) and IFFEST 2014 (Romania). Other documentaries by Sensograma are 'Korakunda' and 'Rominger', besides the individual works of the members of the colective.

SENSOGRAMA, as events promotor, and under the name of Gabinete de Crisis, organized Ulrich Schnauss's first concert in Spain, Starlicker's first one in Barcelona and Rominger's in Tenerife. In the last years it has organized performances in Barcelona, Tenerife, Pamplona, Amsterdam, New York or Cluj-Napoca. Today the activity is centered in the Dutch capital, presenting concerts in collaboration with Subterranean.

SENSOGRAMA, as artists manager, represents the bands Rominger, Nonac, Monocroma and Calesoria, also Granguiñol dj-set and Music ON Film docu-projections.


The colective is born to dinamize the cultural scene performing its self-produced material and inviting others to join. We foster the synergies among the different perspectives and professional experiences of the members, besides generating links with other persons and interdisciplinary associations supporting interesting human and artistic iniciatives, both at local and international levels.