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  • SENSOGRAMA is a colective formed by professionals coming from the music and TV world: directors, producers, editors, camera operators,... Our own audiovisual production is one of the key points in SENSOGRAMA's main activities, making documentaries, videoclips and videoart.

Documental María Belén Morales


Awards: Ars Perpetuum at C.P.M.2014 (Belarus) and Mençao Honrosa at Pampifitas 2014 (Portugal). Selected also at MiradasDoc 2013 (Spain), Contra el silencio Todas las voces 2014 (Mexico), Libercine 2014 (Argentina) and IFFEST 2014 (Romania)

Duration: 28 min
Director: Carlos H Dorta; Edition and Post-production: Miguel Eraso; Production: Carlos Hdez. Carballo; Camera Operators: Miguel Eraso y Cristina Ríos; Music: Perdi Rominger
María Belén Morales (Tenerife, 1928) is one of the pioneers in Canary sculpture, both for her evolution to abstract art and for the fact of being a woman focusing on an unusual discipline in times of the Spanish dictatorship. This documentary produced by Sensograma and co-produced by RTVE approaches us to the charismatic person, to her consistent artistic work and experiences, that run almost a century seen from the Canaries

Rominger audiovisual


Duration: 8 min 49 seg
Authors: Miguel Eraso y Carlos H Dorta
The band: Perdi, Yeray, Leo y Jaume.
This docuclip was recorded in 2009, after their performance at Sónar, and 2010 in Barcelona and Tenerife. The camera roams around the concerts and interviews in which the band talks about the creative process, the styles that could have influenced their music and the fact of moving from Tenerife to Barcelona

Artículo Korakunda


Duraction: 20 min
Authors: Miguel Eraso y Carlos H Dorta
Featuring: Pa Bobo Jobarteh, Crooked Sixpence, familia Diouf, etc.
Gambia, 2007.

The djalis are mandinka trovateurs that transmit and re-interpret the traditions, the history and the spirituality of their people in the songs that they play with their koras.

They are the witnesses of the oral tradition, a mandatory reference to know the roots of this Western African society.