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  • Music ON Film was created in Barcelona and looks for different ways of integration between image and sound. The sessions include videoclip compilations going through different styles and periods, or even more specific and oriented to a concrete subject.

    MOF wants the spectator not only to watch a good video inspired in a good song, but also the historical and musical context that is behind every piece.

    The section 'Video of the Month' approaches to singular clips not screened on MOF yet, selected according to different criteria and representing particular contexts. Besides this, some other videos alredy shown in MOF projections are also below these lines.

    Music ON Film has moved around Barcelona (Inusual Project), Pamplona (La Sonora) and Tenerife (Aguere Cultural, CasAbierta).



This Afroamerican TV classic lead by Don Cornelius began in 1970 and showed the novelties around funk music, soul, R&B, jazz, disco and later hip-hop. This time 'Get down' by Curtis Mayfield sounds.


BJTM is a band that has grown since their first 90's records, beginning the century in a really inspired way and editting some great songs. This clip was made by a fan taking some cuts of a Scopitone and other sources

BRIAN ENO - Beach sequence

Eno has been a reference in music over the last 40 years as a composer and producer. He added this marvelous song to the soundtrack of 'Beyond the clouds', codirected by Antonioni and Wim Wenders in 1995

The STONE ROSES - Fool's gold

Manchester, late 80's. They release their homonym record, 'The Stone Roses', a masterpiece supported by a series of maxis. One of them is 'Fool's gold', a jewel that became a generational anthem


The Scopitone was one of the precursors of the videoclip. Music films in 16 mm that could be watched by means of a kind of jukebox and that were really popular in France. As an example this groovy 'High boots'

INDOCHINE 'L'Aventurier'

One of the most representative bands of the french new wave, launching this EP in 1982 and that later would release pieces like 'Miss Paramount' or 'Tes yeux noirs'. Their successful career crossed Europe and the Atlantic Ocean to reach South America, where they have thousands of fans

BLOUSE 'Time travel'

A trio from Portland, Oregon, with an homonym record appeared in 2011. Retro sounds inspired in the American new wave with tributes to this period (Videotapes, etc)

The TORMENTOS 'Dragstrip night'

This Argentinian surf band was born in Buenos Aires during late 2001. After editting a CD split with the Phantom Surfers they released their first own album in 2005, 'Grab your board!'

RAPHAEL 'Mi gran noche'

Besides his appearance in Eurovision and the fact of winning the price for the best European young voice when he was 9, this charismatic singer from Jaén was one of the most innovative Spanish artists in the 60's and 70's


I wasn't 10 years yet when my mother lent me her old records. Singles by The Beatles, Pat Boone, Johnny Halliday, ... and Françoise Hardy. Here performing the shattering 'Voilá'

MESSER CHUPS 'The model'

Russians from St Petersburg playing surf music, this time a wonderful cover of 'Das model' by Kraftwerk that appeared in their album 'Zombie Shopping' (2007). More than one decade before Balanescu Quartet made another amazing cover of the same song


Members of this band worked with The Beloved, Eyeless in Gaza, Nurse With Wound, Orchis, Temple Music and S.Q.E, to name a few. Here they make a cover of 'Spirit of the age' originally recorded by Hawkwind in 1977

GUS GUS 'Believe'

It was 1997 when they came from Iceland to show one of their most successful hits, 'Believe'. A live videoclip more than 10 minutes long that doesn't seem so under the green, red and submarine blue

FUNKADELIC 'Cosmic slop'

Parliament, the band led by George Clinton, had to change its name to Funkadelic. Their homonym album from 1970 includes this 'Cosmic sloop', a mix of funk and psychedelia shown in Central Park and other places in NYC

video of the month

  • The best Spanish band of all times for the one who writes these lines. This video was taken from a live performance in Musical Express, the TV program by Ángel Casas in TVE, just before editting ´La ley del desierto, la ley del mar'