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  • Francisco González Torres (bass)
  • Mario Ramírez (bass)
  • Felipe Glez Cabezas (drums)



  • The Amsterdam based band offers a convincing live concert supported by the complicity between bass and drums. To the initial duo, formed by Fran J González Torres and Felipe González Cabezas, Mexican Mario Ramírez joins on the second bass.

    During the 1990's and 2000's Fran was part of several bands in the Canary indie scene: Isla Diablo (Finalist at Archipiélago Sonoro), Harmonium (winner of Tenerife Suena), Munstersiete (Finalist at Canarias baila), Calesoria or Monocroma.

    In 2001 he edits with Felipe ‘Nonac Nonac’ (La Laguna, Tenerife). In 2003, already in Amsterdam, he founds The Fields Orchestra, dedicated to compose soundtracks for art exhibitions, like the ones directed by Jan Van Woensel o Angélique Campens from Belgium.

    Felipe, joins Drone colective in Tenerife in those times and plays in different bands such as Emeth, Afgan and finally GAF, beginning a successful tour over Spanish and other European cities. In 2008 he changes his address to Amsterdam, continuing his former project Nonac altogether with Fran.